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Custom Fragrances, Scents and Scenting
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Custom Fragrance Scents, Scenting, and Perfumes
Bath Island® pre-scented bath and body products are specially designed with aromatherapy principles in mind.
Our unscented bath and body products can be personalized with any of our 106 Essential Oils or 11 Special Care Oils according your preference - not ours! Your entire skin care product regime can be custom scented in the same or complimentary Essential Oil or Special Care Oil scents from Bath Island.

Bath Island Essential Oil and Special Care Oil custom scents each bring different benefits and allow you to customize your favorite Bath Island® bath and body products in your favorite scent! Each of our scents, perfumes and oils are carefully chosen and are exceptional. We mix our scents to create custom scents -- get creative! Our custom scenting service is what sets us apart from the others -- call us today to have your own custom scenting profile created. To see a list of bath, body and skin care products that can be custom scented, click here.

Any oil where you see an (*) asterisk means that the oil is 100% natural source.