Essential Perfume Oils
Our customers' favorite line of products are our essential oils.

These Perfumed Essences are concentrated oils that are specially designed to wear as perfumes, to personalize any of your lotions or bath products , or they can be diluted and used as a cologne.

Special Scent: East Indian Sandalwood
Almond Forest Rain Pink Martini
Aloe Vera Frankincense Plum Blossom
Amber Freesia Plumeria
Angel Fresh Air Pomegranate
Aphrodite Gardenia Provence
Athena Gold Dust Pumpkin
Aura Grapefruit Rain
Baby Powder Grass Rain Orchid
Bambu Green Apple Raspberry
Bayberry Green Tea Rose
Bergamot Herb Citrus Hyacinth Sage
Blackberry Sage Honeydew Sagebrush
Black Poppy Honeysuckle Sandalwood
Black Rose Illusion Sea Aloe
Blush Peony Islands Sheer Musk
Breeze Jasmine Spa Retreat
Bubble Gum Lavender Spearmint
Carnation Lemon Spring
Cedarwood Lemongrass Ginger Spruce
Cherry Lemon Verbena Strawberry
China Lily Light Musk Summer Garden
China Musk Lilac Summer Sky
China Rain Mango Sunshower
Chocolate Muguet Tangerine
Cinnamon Myrrh Tea Rose
Citrus Nag Champa Tuberose
Civet Musk Neroli Vanilla
Coco Mango Oasis Violet
Coconut Ocean Water Lily
Cucumber Orange Watermelon
Cucumber Melon Oriental Rose Watermint
Earth Patchouli Winter
Egyptian Musk Peach White Tea
Fig Pear Woodstock
Fire Pikaki Ylang Ylang

Here are a few popular custom scenting ideas!
  • Scent our Bubble Bath with stress formula to melt away all your daily stresses and for deep relaxation.
  • For a wonderful wake up shower, scent our Shower & Bath Gelee or Loofah Body Scrub with our Revitalizing Formula.
  • Refresher spray scented with ever popular Islands fragrance will transport you to an island paradise of your own.
  • Scent Massage Lotion with Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil for an invigorating foot cream.