China Rain Lotion
This silky hand and body lotion contains natural extract of corn flowers to soothe and soften while plant derived emollients eliminate dryness. Vitamins AD & E work together to slow the skin's aging process and protect from the harmful effects of the environment, leaving skin smooth and healthy. Fragranced with the clean fresh scent of China Rain.

Green Tea Anti-Oxidant Lotion
The healing properties of Green Tea were discovered by the ancient Chinese over 5,000 years ago. Now these powerful anti-oxidants along with beta carotene and vitamin E fight damaging effects of the sun and pollution. This oil-rich, emollient formula, fortified with deep-penetrating vitamin B-5 hydrates and promotes skin repair, leaving it soft and healthy. May be custom scented.

Massage Lotion
This creamy high oil formula is slowly absorbed for a sustained, luxurious massage. It is also wonderful for extremely dry skin as an all over body lotion. May be custom scented.

Oatmeal and Soy Soothing Body Lotion
Rich in colloidal oatmeal to calm and relieve dry, itchy, and chapped skin, plus soy and sodium hyaluronate to enhance moisture retention and elasticity, this targeted body lotion absorbs quickly while soothing and softening. The added benefits of algae, aloe, avocado oil and glycerin, plus anti-oxidants grapeseed and vitamin E, keep skin youthfully radiant and glowing. May be custom scented.

A refreshing all-over body mist or after-bath splash. Spray on body after bath, shower, or anytime. May be custom scented with any of our perfume or essential oils. Also may be used as an air freshener to gently scent the air around you - and alternative to overly heavy room sprays. May be custom scented.

Shea Butter Revitalizing Lotion
Say goodbye to crocodile skin with this all-over emollient containing 5% African shea butter, an effective level proven to soothe and protect skin from harsh environmental factors, while providing lasting moisture. Revitalizing sugar, aloe, and anti-oxidants grapeseed and vitamin E help restore softness and a youthful glow. May be custom scented.

Vitamins A, D & E Moisturizer
A superlative, enriching lotion fortified with vitamins A, D and E, plus sweet almond oil and special lanolin moisturizers. Formulated especially for extremely dry and sensitive skin, this extraordinary lotion soothes, smoothes, and silkens even the most difficult skin. May be custom scented.