100% Vegetable-Based Glycerine Soap
Aloe Vera(Green) Oatmeal Complexion (Natural)
China Rain (Turquoise) Olive Oil (Opaque green)
Cocoa Butter (Opaque tan) Patchouli (Brown)
Coconut Milk (Opaque White) Pikaki (Pink/Orange)
Cucumber (Fresh Green) Plumeria (Pink)
Cucumber Lime with Loofah (Green) Pomegranate (Red)
Cucumber Melon (Mint Green) Rain (Green)
Egyptian Musk (Golden) Sandalwood (Golden Brown)
Eucalyptus & Mint (Leafy green) Shea Butter w/ Sugar Cane Extract (Cream)
Fig (Magenta) Strawberry (Red)
Fresh Air (Blue) Tea Rose (Pink)
Gardenia (Cream) Tea Tree (Clear)
Green Tea (Green) Unscented (Clear)
Jasmine (Purple) Vanilla (Golden)
Juicy Peach (Orange) Walnut Bar (Gold)
Lavender (Lavender) Water Lily (Purple)
Lemongrass Ginger w/ Ground White Tea (Opaque white)

French Milled Soaps
Sea Algae Exfoliating Spa Soap
This vegetable-based bar contains mineral-rich Brittany seaweed that swells when wet, creating a grainy texture that activates circulation and exfoliates, leaving the skin fresh and smooth. Clean marine scent.

French Lavender Aromatic Spa Soap
Beautifully fragrant lavender flowers and essential oil, long revered for their healing, calming, and anti-bacterial properties, fill this exquisite, grand vegetable-based bar. Evening primrose oil and glycerin are added to moisturize and hydrate.

Foaming Liquid Hand Soap with Shea Butter
Get instant foam and gentle cleansing in just one pump of this mild soap with moisturizing Shea butter and glycerin. This unique, fun formula is pure and simple, featuring the mildest coconut oil cleansers, organic aloe, plus antibacterial extracts of burdock, chamomile, and comfrey. Anti-oxidants vitamin E and C fight the signs of aging to keep hands youthful. Kids love it too! May be custom-scented.